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Amongo 2017 annual review and annual plan for 2018 were successfully held

2017-12-26 09:47:00  Original:amongo  Click:251
Amongo 2017 year-end summary and 2018 plan presentation, on December 23, 2017 grand opening! At the meeting, all senior management personnel with Mr. Matt Chen as the general manager attended.

The meeting first listened to the work report of all departments and summed up the advantages and disadvantages of the work in 2017. The general manager Mr. Chen Mengwei made overall planning for the development of the company in 2018.

The climax of the meeting all staff to discuss "how to improve themselves." Participants express their views, brilliant, and actively publish their own experiences and ideas. The final conclusion: 1, as much as any effort to pay 2, the modest, do not be proud 3, to reflect on the daily 4, alive, we must be grateful 5, good deeds, Si Li him 6, forget that emotional troubles.