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Amongo Contributes to the Face Recognition Market

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Amongo helps the face recognition market, and its products are successfully applied to digital scenic spots, digital office construction, etc.

Face recognition is a biometric recognition technology based on human facial feature information for identification. A series of related techniques for capturing an image or video stream containing a face with a camera or a camera, and automatically detecting and tracking the face in the image, and then performing face recognition on the detected face, usually called portrait recognition, face recognition.

Amongo face recognition technology
face recognition technology

Among the digital scenic hardware and software products developed by Amongo, 8", 9.7", 10.4", 12.1", 19”... high-quality LCD screens are designed with open structure and plug-in function, which has strong system adaptability. Function modules can be added according to user's personality requirements. According to different module combinations and expansions, it can be widely used in theme parks, tourist attractions, stadiums, playgrounds, subway rail transit, BRT rapid transit, ferry terminals, parking lots, supermarkets, unit attendance, community intelligence, etc. Ticketing intelligent management system and personnel access control system requirements.

Amongo display at subway rail transit
subway rail transit

Amongo display at airport entrance
airport entrance

Amongo display of office attendance
office attendance

Today, with the rapid development of the information industry, Amongo will continue to move toward the scale, system and intelligence, and provide better products and better services for a wider range of users.