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Amongo's industrial displays with Facial Recognition

2020-11-23 11:45:00  Original:amongo  Click:113
With the technology advancement, facial recognition is being widely applied to many occasions in nowadays our daily life.

Facial recognition is a form of biometric identification that self-service kiosks are using to improve customer service, the others being fingerprint, retinal, palm print and thumb print scanning. While fingerprint scanning is considered the most common type of biometric identification, facial recognition is gaining in popularity.

Facial recognition offers advantages over other forms of biometrics, such as finger print or palm vein readers, in that there is no direct contact with the machine. The technology uses facial features, such as nose width and cheekbone shape, to compare a digital image to a person's identity.

Amongo has developed several models of industrial display and panel PC with facial recognition for clients different project. Welcome to contact with our professional sales team for more information about the products specifications.