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Development and Application of Industrial Displays Used Related with IoT

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connected networks

Over the last decade, we've seen devices connected through networks in various fields. It won't be long before there are more things than people on the Internet.

The Internet of things connects everything, so how does the Internet of things make it possible for non-communicating objects to communicate with each other?

Here, communication devices are involved, just as the communication between people is through mobile phones, while the communication between objects is through the following device .It's called a Data Transfer unit, or DTU.

With the rapid development of the concepts like Internet of things, intelligence, automation, industrial robot, big data etc, enterprises also need to communicate with the decision-making end in addition to the horizontal connection to collect and integrate field data. After the decision-making end transforms the data into information and further business decisions, instructions will be issued to the on-site end in reverse.

Industrial display plays the role of hardware cornerstone in this process, and further integrates the combination of hardware and software to transform the data flow from different interfaces and protocols. It is an absolute information flow center.

In the future, industrial displays will also undergo a huge transformation. The industrial display manufacturers will no longer provide single hardware products, but turn to provide solutions including hardware and software, to integrate software and firmware to connect the previous and the next, and connect the ecological chain of service terminal demand.

industrial displays

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