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Eight Advantages of Capacitive Touch Screens

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1. Introduction to the capacitive touch screen

The capacitive touch screen is plated with long and narrow electrodes on all four sides of the touch screen to form a low-voltage AC electric field in the conductive body.

When touching the screen, due to the electric field of the human body, a coupling capacitance is formed between the finger and the conductor layer.

The current from the four-side electrodes will flow to the contacts, and the strength of the current is inversely proportional to the distance between the finger and the electrode. The controller located after the touch screen will calculate the ratio and strength of the current to accurately calculate the location of the touchpoint.

2. What are the advantages of capacitive touch screens?

1) The capacitive touch screen only needs to touch, without pressing to generate signals.

2) The capacitive touch screen only needs to be corrected once or once after production.

3). Since the components in the capacitive touch screen do not need to move, the service life of the capacitive solution is longer.

4) Capacitive touch display technology is superior to resistive technology in terms of light loss and system power consumption.

5) The choice of capacitive technology mainly depends on the object of the touch screen. If the finger touches, the capacitive touch screen is the best choice.

6) Surface-type capacitive touch screens can be used for large-size touch screens, with low phase ratio, but do not support gesture recognition: Inductive capacitive type is mainly used for small and medium-sized touch screens, which can support gesture recognition.

7) Capacitive touch screen technology has the advantages of wear resistance, long life, low maintenance cost, etc., which can further reduce the overall operating cost of manufacturers.

8) The capacitive touch screen supports multi-touch technology.

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