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Our History

  • July 2012

    | Amongo got software copyright registration certificate of customer detection for monitor reliability.

  • Apr 2012

    | Amongo got software copyright registration certificate of auto-dimming.

  • Nov 2011

    | Amongo moved to a new factory with 3800㎡.

  • Aug 2011

    | Amongo got software copyright registration certificate of multi-media system for panel PC.

  • May 2011

    | Amongo cooperated with Qsinghua Research Institute to develop industry-research activities

  • Mar 2011

    | Amongo got software copyright registration certificate of LCD remote control.

  • Oct 2010

    | Amongo got software copyright registration certificate of LCD interactive touch screen system.

  • July 2010

    | Amongo got software copyright registration certificate of infrared touch screen driver.

  • May 2010

    | Amongo got testing software copyright registration certificate of resistive touch screen.

  • Feb 2010

    | Amongo products were certified by 3C, and obtained highly comments in aspects of quality management,R&D,manufacture etc.

  • Jan 2010

    | Amongo successfully developed a new version of AMG-RTD2525L V4.0 that has mini physical dimension fit to displays with small inches.

  • Oct 2009

    | Amongo successfully developed a new A/D board supporting high resolution AMG- RTD2545L and then put into mass production.

  • Aug 2009

    | Amongo was successfully certified by ISO9001.

  • Mar 2009

    | Amongo successfully developed a new multi-function A/D board AMG-RTD2662L with VGA/DVI/AV/YPBPR/S-Video/HDMI inputs.

  • Mar 2008

    | Amongo industrial AD board AMG-RTD2525L was in mass production.

  • Oct 2007

    | Amongo successfully developed industrial grade A/D board AMG-RTD2525L with VGA and DVI inputs.