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Android Industrial Panel PC Smart Security and Electrical Fire Monitoring System Solution -- System Requirements

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Android industrial panel PC can be used to continuously detect the leakage current of the power system for many years. It can keep abreast of the changes in the insulation state of the electrical circuit or equipment at any time, so as to prevent the gradual and unexpected.

Alarm but not power off, to avoid economic loss and adverse social impact caused by sudden power off, but also to indicate the leakage direction, which is convenient for finding the fault point.

The electric leakage alarm adopts remote alarm, automatic dial alarm and other alarm forms to form a regional network. The fire or power safety management department can timely understand the electrical insulation status of the power users in the area under its jurisdiction through the information network.

The plug-in type current transformer with high reliability and strong anti-interference ability can be installed without disconnection, power failure, and it’s easy to replace and maintain.

It can realize the measurement of three-phase electric parameters (V, I, P, Q, cos¢, f, kWh, kVarh) of each circuit; the accuracy of voltage and current measurement reaches 0.2 level; the accuracy of active and reactive power reaches 0.5 level; the active electric energy reaches 0.5 level; the distributed "one-to-one" configuration mode is adopted; the electric meter is fully sealed;

The electrical fire monitoring system is mainly used to protect the power distribution circuit and electrical equipment from leakage, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit and other faults, so as to prevent the electrical fire. The system adopts the distributed control scheme. One Android industrial panel PC can monitor multiple monitoring devices (data concentrators); one Android industrial panel PC computer (data concentrators) can monitor up to 128 monitoring detectors (on-site monitors); the monitoring detectors(on-site monitors) can work independently.

Real time monitoring: the system monitors the residual current of the monitoring circuit in each area and the temperature of the cable or distribution box in real time, and can expand the monitoring of the whole power parameters (current, voltage, power, frequency, electricity, etc.) of the power grid.

Alarm setting and prompt: the system supports remote monitoring status and alarm value setting of residual current and temperature. When the alarm is given, the audible and visual alarm signal will be sent out, and the interface will flash with obvious signs. At the same time, the detailed sequence of event records will be carried out, and the storage period will be 24 months, which is convenient for tracing and checking back.

Real-time fault prompt: in case of power supply failure, communication interruption and internal module failure of the equipment, the system will send out audible and visual alarm reminder to display time, area, fault point and fault type in real time, so as to facilitate real-time troubleshooting.

Alarm and fault record: the system's proprietary historical alarm record and historical fault record report, which records all alarm records and fault records of the whole system by classification, all of which are saved to the historical database in real time, and can be accessed, inquired and printed by the user at any time.

Alarm printing: the system saves all fault and alarm information to the historical database in real time, and print the fault alarm information one by one through the micro printer equipped with the monitoring equipment.

Historical data trend curve: the system supports the inquiry of curve mode for the historical stored residual current and temperature data, and the inquiry time interval can be set dynamically. The interface can reflect the change range of residual current or temperature in any period of time in real time.

Status information display: the system can display various current status information (power supply status, equipment fault status, alarm status and current working status of all communication devices) in real time and keep synchronous display with the indicator light of monitoring equipment.

System fault self-inspection: the monitoring equipment displays the operation status of all internal functional modules in real time and has the function of fault self-diagnosis. At the same time, it displays the cause of fault in real time on the system interface, judges the communication status of detectors in each area in real time, and carries out intelligent self-inspection for the fault of the whole system.

User level management: low-level user authority can only browse data and confirm alarms in the system. In addition to the permission of low-level users, the high-level user can also configure the alarm parameters, control the output operation and interface display configuration of the system.

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