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Case Study For Kiosk Application

Kiosk (touch query one machine for short) is one of the most convenient, simple, natural, practical interactive devices,Which generally include a touch screen, monitors, computers, audio equipment,Power supply and the touch cabinet, power input devices and a variety of network interfaces.

These are Mainly applied to business hall, postal services, tax collection hall, city streets (city information query), office buildings, airports, railway stations, banks, museums, libraries,Exhibitions, hospitals, hotels, KFC self-service machines ect.

Amongo has been successfully cooperated with railway transportation, airports, major shopping malls, office buildings and other kiosk manufacturer, the main size is 12.1 ", 15", 17 ", 19" and so on. And the AMongo Display logo been showed in many common place like airports, mass transit, KFC fast-food restaurants ect.