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Daily Maintenance of Industrial PC

2019-10-26 15:06:16  Original:amongo  Click:163

The daily use and maintenance of industrial pc uses industrial computers in many occasions, but not many can really make industrial computers work well. It is often seen that some people have been busy for a long time, and still can not troubleshoot the machine, while some people use it with ease. This difference arises from the correct management and maintenance of industrial computers by users. Industrial pc is a kind of industrial computer working in special and harsh environment. Its power supply, chassis and motherboard are designed to adapt to long-term uninterrupted operation. In order to use it better and keep it in good working performance, it must be maintained reasonably and necessarily in daily use.

1. chassis

The chassis includes industrial power supply, passive floor and fan.

2. Motherboard

Industrial pc motherboard is specially designed for long-term operation in high and low temperature special environment. In its application, we should pay attention to the following points: no live plug-in (memory bar, mouse behind board card, keyboard, etc.). Live plug-in will lead to Jack damage, and it can not be used. It even causes damage to the motherboard seriously.

3. Hard Disk, CD-ROM, Floppy Drive

Hard Disk: Do not disassemble the hard disk at will, and avoid vibration and extrusion.

CD-ROM: Do not open the door of the CD-ROM at will. Do not use damaged or pirated CD-ROM. Prevent dust from entering the CD-ROM. Do not shake, distort and beat the CD-ROM in use. Data lines should be connected smoothly to ensure smooth CD-ROM reader.

Floppy Drive: You can't put bad and toxic disks into floppy drives. Don't use inferior and mildewed floppy disks, and rush to collide with sharp objects to prevent scratching magnetic heads.

4. Various Cards

What the board card should pay attention to is dust-proof, the pins should be intact, the vertical insertion of the board card can not be distorted, and the connectors on the external jack of the board card can not be dialed with electricity.