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Design Analysis and Selection of Industrial PC

2019-10-28 15:06:16  Original:amongo  Click:171

Because of the different needs of consumers, pc also is divided with two directions: home computer and commercial computer. For home computers, it is fashionable appearance, high graphics card performance, multimedia display performance, rich expansibility, multi-channel sound card and other aspects as a selling point to attract consumers. Some high-end home computers are even equipped with remote controllers, fashionable audio, like a home multimedia center.

For commercial customers, industrial pc attracts commercial customers through a stable appearance, complete after-sales service, limited scalability, high-speed computing speed and so on. Industrial pc is completely different design concept. Industrial pc is mostly used in harsh environments. They have strict requirements on product maintainability, heat dissipation, dust prevention, product cycle and even size. Therefore, in the design and selection of industrial computer platform, more consideration is given to the design of mechanism, and then to the consideration of performance.

For 1U industrial pc, it is mostly used in telecommunication field with high volume requirement. Most of the industrial pc manufacturers can support up to two full-length PCI cards through PICMG 1.0 architecture CPU card's volume advantage and 1U butterfly bottom board. It meets the needs of some users who want to integrate some special specifications cards in the 1U chassis.

For the mechanism design of 4U and 7U, the heat dissipation factor is not the main consideration in the narrow chassis because of the larger volume of chassis. Therefore, how to make rational use of the chassis space to provide more drive brackets in limited space, how to provide multiple expansion card slots, how to support dual CPU cards, how to resist vibration, how to maintain easily and other factors have become the main considerations of mechanism design.