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Four Points When Cleaning Industrial LCD

2020-10-11 00:00:00  Original:amongo  Click:31

1. Cleaning requirements for industrial LCD

A. Before cleaning, turn off the product power switch, unplug the power plug and video card interface plug.

B. Move the product to a place with better natural light, so that you can clearly see the dust and dirt.

2. Precautions for cleaning industrial LCD

A. Protect the surface of the industrial LCD screen from being scratched by harder substances (including coarse particles attached to the surface of the LCD screen).

B. The surface of the LCD screen is a polarizer, which can penetrate liquid, avoid spraying detergent directly on the surface of the industrial LCD screen; some solvents will corrode the polarizer, avoid using non-special detergents.

C. Try to clean the industrial LCD screen when it is not working

3. Industrial LCD cleaning products

A. Use an absorbent cotton cloth or soft and smooth cloth or LCD special wipes;

B. Wet the wiping products with water or use liquid crystal detergent to wet the wiping products.

C. Some detergents may need to be diluted first, please follow the instructions for use of liquid crystal detergents.

4. Cleaning method of industrial LCD

A. Blow away the dust on the surface of the industrial LCD to ensure that no coarse dirt particles adhere to the surface of the LCD screen.

B. Wipe with a slightly damp-wipe from around the center of the screen; if you can't wipe off obvious stains, you can use a special LCD cleaner.

C. After wiping, if the surface of the industrial LCD screen is wet, please use a dry wipe.