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Full Service of Customized Industrial Panel PC

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1. Why provide customized industrial tablet computer service?

One of the important characteristics of the industrial control industry is the diversification and individualization of product requirements, resulting in many solutions based on standardized products that cannot meet the requirements or achieve the best results; Relying on the rich experience and product resources accumulated in the industrial control industry for many years, Amongo Display Technology(Shenzhen) Co.Ltd has established a customized service team with excellent design and development capabilities in the process of fulfilling the many customized needs of customers. We can quickly transform customers' ideas and needs into practical solutions.

Customized industrial tablet computers can provide a dedicated platform and feasible solutions to solve customer needs, and quickly bring products to the market in the most intelligent, convenient, and labor-saving way to maximize profits.

We can provide board-level, complete machine, and related software and hardware design. We design and produce according to the actual use environment of customers, and provide customers with the most advanced technology and the most matched display equipment to bring customers the maximum benefit.

2. What are the services of customized industrial tablet computers?

1) Screen customization

Sensitive screen: as the brightness of the environment changes, the brightness of the screen is automatically adjusted

Wide temperature screen: -30℃-80℃

Bright screen: 800-1000-1500cd/m2

2) Appearance customization

Open structure / product structure / installation method / product size / appearance color

3) Environmental customization

High and low temperature environment / water droplet splash / dust environment / humid environment / marine environment / unstable voltage environment / thunder and lightning environment / outdoor environment / electromagnetic interference environment

4) Basic customization

Interface customization/configuration customization/system upgrade customization/power built-in customer logo/neutral packaging material

5) Module customization

GPS global positioning system, 3G/4G card port, magnetic stripe card reader, infrared sensor head, RFID card reader, built-in camera, built-in thermal printer, ID card reader, WIFI module, fingerprint collector, NFC card reader, Bluetooth, gravity sensor, photosensitive head, built-in microphone, etc.