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How Do Industrial Panel PC Perform Routine Maintenance?

2019-11-19 15:06:16  Original:amongo  Click:170

Industrial panel pc mainly used in industry. Because of the bad working environment, more attention should be paid to their maintenance in order to face the changeable working environment.

1. Wipe the dust every day

Industrial panel pc need to be cleaned up every day, because there is a lot of dust in factory and outdoor environments. In many cases, the amount of dust in a day is much higher than that in an indoor environment for a month, so the dust should be wiped every day.

2. Use dry cloth as much as possible

If industrial panel pc is not designed to be flat and waterproof. It is very taboo about water. Water is likely to seep into its body, causing rust and short circuit, and irreversible damage to industrial tablets.

3. Use glass cleaner to clean oil and dirty stains

If only dry cloth can not be used for cleaning, it needs to use glass detergent for cleaning. Be careful not to produce obvious droplets. Do not let detergent penetrate into the body, and just clean the surface of industrial panel pc.

4. Normal switch

Forced power-off opportunity makes the operating hard disk suddenly lose power, especially the hard disk which is reading and writing operation. Several times of forced power-off will cause great harm to the hard disk of industrial panel pc, and it is irreversible.