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How to Prevent Blue Screen Crash of Industrial PC

2019-11-11 15:06:16  Original:amongo  Click:170

Industrial pc is packed tightly outside, but they can accumulate dust running for a long time even if they are industrial pc with fan. Dust accumulation is a common cause of industrial pc blue screen crash; because industrial computer works in harsh environment, if the dust on the mechanical hard disk is too much, it will affect the difficulty of reading the hard disk, then the industrial computer will crash. Therefore, it is very necessary to clean up the dust after the industrial computer runs for a period of time.

Dust accumulation can cause bad heat dissipation. Similarly, in case the original parts inside the machine is used for a long time, aging will also cause the problem of industrial pc blue screen crash.

Usually the fan is the most common accessory which is prone to aging problems. It can be lubricated regularly or replaced to solve such problems. For other accessories, you can touch them by hand. If the hands are very hot after touching, then the accessories should be a problem. You can replace them with good accessories to see if the problem is solved.

So, how to prevent industrial pc from crashing? We can solve these problems by cleaning industrial computer dust regularly and lubricating or replacing fans regularly.