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Industrial PC Network Security

2019-11-07 15:06:16  Original:amongo  Click:214

Nowadays, in the information age of industrial pc, the degree of network informationization is very high in the global scope, and the application of computer technology is widely used. Every enterprise and company attaches more and more importance to the normal work of computer Internet system. This kind of computer network application has greatly improved people's work efficiency, but the openness of the Internet also brings great hidden dangers to the information security of various industries. How to control the resources of the internal system, protect the existing data and prevent virus intrusion is a problem that all industries should consider. In these industries, industrial pc network security in industrial control is the most important consideration.

In order to avoid network attacks on industrial pc, establish a secure and efficient Internet platform, protect enterprise resources and data security, virus detection software and firewall appear in the network. Network firewall is a barrier of security isolation between enterprise internal network and enterprise external network, between professional network and shared network. It strictly handles network information through common lines, so that many internal network users can avoid network attacks by illegal persons. It restricts the unreasonable illegal operation of users, so it can prevent many hackers from malicious attacks or damage to ordinary users and enterprise industrial pc systems.

However, with the continuous improvement of hacker technology, the role of firewall protection is not good enough, especially in the software part. Therefore, in the course of development, hardware firewall plays a vital role. For example, embedded hardware, it has a relatively high processing speed, efficient throughput. And it can still run stably in a high-flow working environment.