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Warmly Celebrate Amongo'S 2018 Annual Quality Benchmark Supplier For Customers In The Internet Of Things Industry

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The Internet of Things is an important part of the new generation of information technology, and an important development stage in the era of "informatization". Its English name is "Internet of things (IoT)". As the name suggests, the Internet of Things is the Internet that connects things.

In recent years, with the evolution and sinking of IoT technology, the era of Internet of Everything is accelerating. China's layout in the Internet of Things industry is relatively early. With the sustained and steady development of China's economy, the Internet of Things industry has developed rapidly, and the market scale has also increased substantially, forming an industrial system with broad market prospects and development potential.

Amongo and xxx companies work together to develop and innovate, making xxx companies develop rapidly and successfully rank among the top ten in the Internet of Things industry. The company's products are mainly used in AFC rail transit, intelligent logistics cabinets, face recognition gates, face recognition punching machines, and power exchange cabinets. Among the various display modules that Amongo has provided, it has been successfully used in large quantities in this market. Stable quality, excellent service, won the praise of customers, and become the company's 2018 quality benchmark supplier.

Customer satisfaction is the biggest recognition of Amongo. Amongo will continue to adhere to the "customer satisfaction, teamwork, win-win-win" company philosophy, continue to serve every customer and create success! !