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What Are the Causes of Industrial PC Hard Disk Failure?

2019-11-09 15:06:16  Original:amongo  Click:165

Industrial pc is more and more widely used in the industry. But in the process of using, there may be various problems, such as hard disk failure. So what are the reasons for the failure of industrial pc hard disk?

1. The ambient humidity is not suitable. Industrial pc is mainly composed of integrated circuits of many electronic components, whose insulation performance is closely related to environmental humidity. If the humidity is too high, the circuit board will be short-circuited and burned; if the humidity is too low, it will easily generate static electricity and break down some electronic components. Therefore, too much or too little humidity will bring potential threats to industrial pc.

2. There are many inhalable particulates in the air. Most of the raw materials in many factories need powder to process. In addition to the large air flow and dust, industrial pc content is easy to accumulate a large amount of sticky dust, resulting in excessive local temperature in the industrial computer, resulting in hardware damage.

3. Industrial pc works for long hours. Due to the need of normal production, industrial control systems in some factories need to work for a long time, which brings great challenges to industrial pc operating system.

4. The internal temperature of industrial pc is too high. In the environment of long time and high temperature operation, the components of computer are prone to aging and the frequency of hard disk failure is higher than that.