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What Are the Use Skills of Industrial Panel PC?

2019-11-23 15:06:00  Original:amongo  Click:163

Because of the current technical constraints and the environmental impact of equipment use, industrial display monitors will not be able to work properly if it is disturbed by water droplets, dust, temperature difference and so on. Therefore, industrial panel pc needs regular maintenance and repair.

In addition, as the industrial touch screen monitor is a highly integrated touch-control integrated machine with a variety of electronic components, the following issues need to be paid attention to in use and maintenance:

(1) Make sure the screen of industrial display is clean before starting, and wipe the screen with soft dry cloth.

(2) Droplets or beverages falling on the screen of industrial touch display will interfere with the touch control program, because water droplets and fingers have similar characteristics and need to be dried;

(3) A small amount of dust will not cause the industrial display controller to respond incorrectly, but too much dust will reduce the sensitivity and screen recognition of the touch screen. It is necessary to wipe the screen clean with a dry cloth.

(4) After a period of use, dirty fingerprints and grease stains on industrial tablets can be scrubbed with glass cleaners.

(5) When switching on or off the power supply, it should be strictly operated in accordance with the regulations. It should be noted that switching on or off the power supply should be carried out in the opposite order.

(6) When the industrial display operates, a large number of temporary files are generated on the hard disk. If the power is cut off frequently or the Windows system is not exited before shutdown, it will easily lead to hard disk errors.

(7) At present, there is no mouse cursor in the main industrial display touch screen program, because the flicker of the cursor will distract the user's attention.

(8) If industrial tablets are equipped with complex modes, they need to sacrifice reaction rate and system resources. It is suggested to use mouse-proof mode that meets the use conditions.

(9) According to the harsh environment, set a time limit to open the nose and clean the reflective stripes and inner surface of the touch screen.

(10) The industrial touch computers belong to the man-machine interface integrated machine, and the main engine has a large heat. It is necessary to take corresponding cooling measures for the touch screen fuselage and surrounding environment of the industrial display.

The control and drive circuit of industrial panel pc motherboard module belongs to CMOS circuit with low voltage and low power consumption. It is easy to be electrostatic breakdown. Once the circuit is electrostatic breakdown, the damage can not be repaired. Because of the external environment, sometimes the electrostatic voltage carried by human body can reach tens or even hundreds of volts. Therefore, it is necessary to take corresponding measures in operation, assembly and use. Be careful to avoid static electricity.