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What is the Difference Between Industrial PC and Ordinary Computers?

2019-10-30 15:06:16  Original:amongo  Click:153

1. As far as power supply is concerned, the power supply of regular industrial pc is different from that of ordinary power supply. The resistance, capacitance, coil and other anti-impact and anti-disturbance features are several levels higher than those of ordinary households, and the carrying capacity is much larger.

2. Looking from the appearance, most of the ordinary computers are open, showing a lot of heat sinks. Only one power fan is needed to blow outside the cabinet to dissipate heat, while the industrial pc cabinet (taking the standard 19 inch as an example) is totally blocked, and its weight is much heavier than that of the ordinary computer cabinet. Because of its thick plate, it is powerful. There is not only a fan for power supply, but also an internal fan for holding the positive pressure in the chassis, which can prevent dust and shield electromagnetic interference.

3. From the internal structure, there are also significant differences. Ordinary computers need only one motherboard with standard components such as CPU slots and memory slots. Others, such as independent graphics cards, are plugged into the expansion slots on the motherboard. Today, most of them are PCI slots. Industrial pc is different. They have a larger motherboard, also known as passive motherboard. There is no integrated circuit on this board. Only more expansion slots are needed. The motherboard with CPU needs to be plugged into other slots on this motherboard. Other expansion boards should also be inserted in the motherboard, not the motherboard, which has the advantage that the motherboard can better shield from external interference. Because the industrial computer work place is sometimes worse, more interference, so that the host can work more reliably.