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    The gaming industry continues to expand. Games have also been moved to newer, more advanced technology. Interactive game designers have found that a touch screen allows users to concentrate the activities presented on the screen, rather than hand-eye movement coordinate input device.

    Touch technology used for gaming industry is sensitive enough in response to a very light touch from a finger, a soft stylus, or gloved hands, and strong enough to prevent dust, scratches even the liquid seal leakage.

    Based on our over 15-year experience in industrial field, Amongo is committed to exceeding its customer's expectations as a total display solution expert and manufacturing partner of high value-added industrial display monitors and industrial panel PCs for their gaming machines and slot vending machines.

    The core competence of Amongo lies in the ability to continuously produce reliable, technologically advanced and superior quality products while at same time maintaining trust-based stable and long term relationships with our customers and suppliers worldwide.

    For the industrial display monitors and panel PCs designed for gaming industry, they are adopting the most advanced components and parts to deliver blur-free video and crystal-clear images. The combination of advanced display technology, stylish ergonomic design, and environmentally-friendly features makes these monitors and panel PCs the right choice for even the most professional users.

    Please contact with our experienced engineering and sales teams to a tailor-made display solution with configurations fitted your project requirement.
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