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    The appearance of self-service kiosks have dramatically changed our human society in many areas with offering smarter and more convenient services for their daily lives in public places, such as in shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, railway stations, airports, tourism areas and so on.

    An interactive self-service kiosk is a computer terminal with specialized hardware and software which can provide access to information and applications for communication, commerce, entertainment, or education and other purposes. Initially, these kiosks are deployed in high foot traffic locations such as shops, hotel lobbies or airports to improve customer services by retail, food service and hospitality industries.

    For self-service kiosks solutions, Amongo has developed various models with high resolution LCD panels from leading manufactures and adopting different touch technologies like PCAP touchscreen, IR touchscreen, Resistive touchscreen to meet different requirements. Our industrial-grade display monitors are built to handle environment with factor that can drastically reduce the service life of ordinary monitor, such as extreme conditions with humidity, dust, heat, corrosion, shock or vibration etc.

    Amongo's touchscreen display monitors are widely adopted into kiosks for different applications, such as information kiosks, way finding kiosks, check-in kiosks, lobby kiosks, retail kiosks, EV charging kiosks, vending kiosks, photo kiosks, payment kiosks, ticketing kiosks, gaming kiosks and other self-service kiosks.

    Should you require a bespoke solution to meet your unique needs of your business, we can assist with our experienced team, please contact us freely online or send mails to us.
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