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Multi-Touch PCAP Monitors

What Is Multi Touch Screen?

Previous touch screens have had technical problems such as low resolution and limited touch mode, but with the continuous development of display technology, the transmittance and resolution of touch screens have been greatly improved. It now achieves a 1080 * 1920 resolution, and even more. The touch screen supports capacitive and resistance two touch methods, but at present, more people choose capacitive touch methods, its touch dexterity, support highly intelligent recognition, and support a variety of industrial gloves, medical gloves, wet hand touch and so on. And it can strengthen the vandal-proof function.


1.Easy to use

To enter the information interface, just touch the relevant buttons on the computer screen, including text, animation, music, video, games, etc.

2 .Rich Resource

Storage is almost no limit, any complex data information can be complex data information, information variety is rich, can achieve audio-visual and changeable display effect.

3. Quick response

The system uses cutting-edge technology to query large capacity data, and the response speed is very fast.

4.Safe and reliable

Continuous operation time is long, with no impact on the system, stable and reliable system, no error and crash in normal operation; convenient maintenance. The system contains a management and maintenance system with exactly the same interface as the demonstration system, and can easily add, reduce, delete, and modify the data content.

5. Friendly interface

Users can easily have a clear understanding of the information, or instructions on the computer screen without knowing the computer expertise. Its interface is friendly to people at all levels and of all ages.