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Amongo's Long-acting Antibacterial LCD touchscreen Display successfully applied to medical self-service system

Amongo's 32” industrial antibacterial touchscreen display successfully applied to a large hospital in the United States.

More than 99% of Staphylococcus aureus atcc6538p, Escherichia coli atcc8739 and other related bacterial viruses can be effectively antibacterial,To prevent the bacterial infection when touch the screen, Adopting the latest projection capacitive (pcap) touch display technology, it can provide a good customer experience after installing it in the client terminal.

Product features: True flat surface with round corner design,Front IP65 waterproof,Dustproof and vandal-proof;Brightness 250~1500nits(optional),Suitable for indoor,semi-outdoor and outdoor usage.

Optional light sensor, automatic brightness adjustment, thereby improving product reliability, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Among the long-term effective antibacterial industrial lcd displays,Amongo’s products can be used in hospitals, information kiosks, smart cities, intelligent health, intelligent transportation or public equipment. The antibacterial system was used in Amongo’s products which can be used to eliminate harmful bacteria. Can maintain antibacterial function for a long time, and antibacterial effect was approved by the third party authority verification test.

The Other sizes like 10.1", 13.3", 15”, 17", 19", 21.5", 32" etc will be put into the market with the time, and we will work hard to develop much more better products to meet the antibacterial display equipment market requirements.

Amongo's Long Acting Antibacterial Industrial LCD Monitors- used- in- Medical Kiosk--systems