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Application and Features of LCD Display Screen in Intelligent Transportation

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The application of LCD display screen in intelligent transportation

Intelligent transportation system is generally considered to be a transportation system that integrates information collection, processing, fusion and exchange, analysis and control, and aims to provide intelligent management in road traffic infrastructure, urban public transportation, and road transportation system. The application goal of intelligent transportation system construction is to improve traffic management, transportation efficiency and service level of traffic safety, and the realization process of this goal will promote the transformation of traditional traffic industry to modern transportation service industry to some extent.

Among the relevant applications of LCD display screen technology, the display of road traffic information for the public is an important application field. In the way of publishing traffic guidance information for the public, the more common display methods for publishing information in daily life are road traffic guidance screen, city traffic guidance display screen, parking guidance screen and variable information signboard on the road. These different traffic guidance information publishing methods are displayed in real time according to the relevant road traffic management requirements and the actual situation of road traffic information.

The characteristics of LCD display monitors in intelligent transportation system

Intelligent transportation system is actually a road traffic information communication system, which is based on system integration, electronics, communication, information service and other new technologies. At present, it has penetrated and applied to new transportation systems in the fields of aviation, water transportation, railway transportation, urban traffic guidance, expressway, subway rail transportation.

The construction of intelligent transportation system can not only improve the road network capacity and information service level of road traffic, but also has broad application prospects in the field of environmental protection, promoting the reduction of exhaust emissions and improving energy utilization efficiency.

In the process of building intelligent transportation system, the construction and application of intelligent transportation information service system is the main content of intelligent transportation development, and designing and establishing advanced transportation information service system for the public is the required obligation and development trend of intelligent transportation system. The intelligent transportation system provides intelligent transportation information services focusing on different types of transportation or different transportation fields.

The intelligent transportation information service system has many different application areas, including variable information intelligence boards, variable speed limit signs, road access information service systems in the application scenarios of expressways, as well as traffic guidance systems, traffic management information comprehensive service systems, and road traffic information release systems in the application scenarios of urban traffic management.

In the practical application of intelligent transportation, the real-time publishing of urban or road traffic information is the main expression form of intelligent transportation information service, which is to display traffic information real-time through various information display devices, most of which are commonly used and common display devices, such as LCD display screens.

With the continuous development of embedded technology, the intelligent transportation information display system has developed into an integrated system with expandable functions, multimedia technology, and networked connections.