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Application of Industrial Touch Panel PC in Smart Healthcare

2021-03-01 00:00:00  Original:amongo  Click:299

Today, healthcare is also rapidly moving towards a digital platform. New compliance laws and other regulatory requirements, as well as recurring maintenance costs, have brought new challenges to healthcare and medical information growth. From cloud computing-based medical records to bedside care monitoring terminals, Amongo Display Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd can provide hospitals and medical centers with the most reliable medical technology solutions on the market. Our medical industrial touch panel PC can not only change the way you provide information to patients, but also provide remote patient monitoring and portable diagnostic systems, which further extend the services you provide to patients and customers.

We combine the hospital's existing medical management network system, and transmit the patient's treatment status, medical measures taken, and current examination status to the hospital's medical system in a timely manner through WIFI or 3G technology. This system allows you to check the patient's medical history, medical care, condition and other information in real time through our industrial touchscreen panel PC, which greatly improves the daily work efficiency of medical staff. And the data can be transmitted to the data center for backup in real time.

According to statistics, the current disabled population in China alone is close to 85 million, but only more than 7 million disabled people receive different degrees of rehabilitation every year. Rehabilitation treatment is mainly to restore and improve human body functions, eliminate and reduce the patient's dysfunction. With the improvement of related supporting medical institutions, the promotion of family medical care, and the gradual implementation of medical policies, the public's awareness of rehabilitation treatment is gradually increasing, and medical rehabilitation equipment is gradually emerging. But healthcare still faces many challenges.


1. The traditional rehabilitation treatment model has a long cycle, is labor intensive (one-to-one, many-to-one), is low in efficiency and cannot be intensive training;

2. Traditional rehabilitation equipment is lacking in intelligence and has little recovery effect on patients;

3. Relying on rehabilitation therapists for passive treatment, the participation of patients is very low;

4. Rehabilitation therapists do not only perform assessments, but also perform rehabilitation programs to help patients train, and adjust the rehabilitation programs according to the patients' rehabilitation effects. These tasks place high demands on the rehabilitation practitioners.

In response to the demand for intelligent upgrades in the healthcare industry, the medical industrial touch panel PCs produced by Amongo Display Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd are easy to operate and reliable in performance. They will break the traditional rehabilitation treatment model and enhance the availability of medical rehabilitation equipment products, and data analysis and query capabilities, realizing quantification of rehabilitation evaluation, visualization of training, and intelligent management.