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Application of LCD Display Screens in Urban Transportation

2023-03-01 00:00:00  Original:amongo  Click:255

LCD display screens used for traffic guidance

People who work in cities can empathize with the most painful part of their daily commute, especially in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The rush hour is the most difficult time for urban traffic, and also the most headache-inducing time for office workers.

After a long day of work, returning home should be a relief, but the crowded flow of people and the cramped public transportation make it even more exhausting. When you are repeatedly unable to board a bus, the frustration is unbearable.

At this point, information that can aid with traffic information gathering and processing at transportation stations, bus stops, and other locations where people can easily obtain information becomes especially important. The LCD display screen has become an important information platform for traffic guidance, allowing people to make the best choices regarding transportation modes, routes, schedules, and strategies, and to plan their own optimal transportation schemes. This not only saves personal time costs, but also promotes the rational utilization of various transportation resources.

LCD display screens have also assisted the traffic police in traffic management. They "stand guard" at traffic intersections, automatically capturing pedestrians running red lights and providing strong warning.

LCD display screens used for safety and security system construction

The construction of intelligent safety and security system is an important part of the intelligent city building. It requires full use of information technology and improvement and deepening of the "safe city" project. It also requires a deepening of the intelligent construction of the social security monitoring dynamic video system and data mining and utilization, integration of public security monitoring and social monitoring resources, and the establishment of a social security comprehensive management information platform at the grassroots level.

Under the influence of the Internet, LCD display screens will become unique safety defenses in the future, which is high-security city. You will no longer have to worry about safety while traveling at night, as LCD display screens assure your safety at all times.

The construction of smart public services is another aspect of urban planning. It involves the building of intelligent public service and urban management systems, strengthening the construction of specialized application systems for employment, medical care, culture, and housing, improving the standardization, precision, and intelligence of urban construction and management, and effective promotion of the sharing of urban public resources across the city. This requires the establishment of a public sharing platform.

In the future, when we get sick, we can simply register to see a doctor on the sharing platform and obtain medical resources in real-time without wasting too much time waiting in line for appointments. We can also use the sharing platform to purchase the items we truly need and obtain the latest shopping information. If we are too busy, we can simply log into the LCD display screen, enter the shopping mall, and choose from a wide range of items. The LCD display screen allows us to experience high-intelligence interaction, where we can freely choose the products that we prefer. The fusion of the Internet of Things and the Internet also allows us to experience the efficiency of online shopping at any time and in any place.