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Application of the Embedded Industrial PC in ETC Toll Collection in Smart Transportation Industry

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1. What is ETC? What is the relationship between ETC and industrial embedded computer?

The automatic electronic toll collection system (ETC, Electronic Toll Collection) is one of the service functions of the intelligent transportation system. The ETC system carries out the function of vehicle automatic induction identification and the exchange of related toll data through the vehicle automatic identification technology to complete the wireless data communication between the vehicle and the toll station. The charging data is processed by computer network, realizing a fully automatic electronic collection system when there is no parking and no charge window during the process. The embedded industrial PC, as a kind of multi-interface and multi-functional product, is the main brain of the ETC system in the smart transportation industry today, which can effectively connect all types of external devices.

2. The role of industrial embedded computer in ETC system

The industrial embedded computer is currently mainly used in the lane controller of the highway toll system. The charging function is realized through integrated control of the serial port, DIO and video capture card, to the on-site roadside read-write controller (RSU), on-board unit (OBU), traffic lights, alarms, character overlays, fee monitors, automatic railings, canopy lights, vehicle detectors, ground sensing coils, cameras, card readers, etc,. And it controls the lifting and falling bars to achieve the purpose of vehicle passage.

With the integrated design in the ETC lane machine industry, there are more stringent requirements for internal spaces. The industrial embedded computers can meet the needs of applications for integrated and miniaturized fields, and the design of fanless & wide range of temperature can effectively improve the reliability and stability for long-term operation.

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