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Application Scheme of Medical Intelligent PC in Telemedicine System

2021-02-22 00:00:00  Original:amongo  Click:334

1. industrial panel PC's for medical application

Telemedicine is the transformation and application of Internet technology in the medical field. It aims to improve the level of medical diagnosis, reduce medical expenses, and meet the health care needs of more and more people. With the maturity of information technology, the development focus of medical applications based on Internet communications has shifted from the information technology period to the clinical application period, that is, the focus of telemedicine is shifting from the distinctive focus of "remote" to "medical". Telemedicine has a wide range of applications and it is unlimited to a certain discipline, but effective in all disciplines. The biggest advantage that Internet technology can play in the medical field is to establish a better and more convenient clinical medical work mode for clinicians and the people at the grass-roots level. It is necessary to integrate the mode of "Internet + medical treatment" into the construction and development of this discipline in its aspects of medicine, teaching, researching, and prevention, promoting health capacity building at the community level.

With the application of "Internet +" technology in the medical field, telemedicine has entered the public vision, breaking the limitations of space and time in medical diagnosis and treatment, allowing patients to receive consultation, treatment and care from experts at any time in remote places. It is an inevitable development trend of the medical system.

Telemedicine uses the technology of communication and all in one monitor PC to realize a new medical model of medical services such as remote diagnosis, pathological discussion, and online examination through the long-distance transmission, storage, display and sharing of data, text, audio and video images. As an important means of integrating medical resources and reducing the level of different primary medical care, the telemedicine system has gradually evolved into the top priority of the development of the medical industry.

2. The use of industrial panel PC's for medical application

In the latest system design of telemedicine, use the Internet big data platform to build a bridge between doctors and patients at first, and at the same time integrate communication networks, databases, etc. into the network system, and complete remote communication through the software and hardware of wall mount touch screen PC. The establishment of the platform, through the use of video, picture, voice and other network communication methods, plus the health service monitoring platform on the mobile terminal equipment and wearable medical equipment to accurately grasp the patient's health status, so as to achieve remote consultation. At the same time, the use of the hospital communication system can also quickly and effectively train doctors in remote areas and conduct multi-party consultations for major diseases to improve the level of medical services.

Amongo Display Technology(Shenzhen) Co.Ltd. believes that telemedicine has shown great power in promoting the healthy and sustainable development of medical services. However, in the remote consultation, a large amount of data and information needs to be transmitted at the same time, and a professional and reliable smart touch computer must be used as its technical carrier. Only in this way can the real-time and accurate transmission and processing of medical information be guaranteed. As a professional manufacturer of smart all-in-one computers, Amongo Display will help promote the sustainable development of smart healthcare.