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GRGBanking held its 10th Global Customer Exchange in Guangzhou

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From: GRGBanking

The  10th Global Customer Exchange was jointly held by GRGBanking and ATMIA  in Guangzhou, China on November 10-13, 2015. Featuring the theme “Reinvent Banking Services with New Tech”, the event attracted over 300  bankers and financial experts from 41 countries. During the three-day  event, guests explored the evolution of the banking industry in the  future, exchanged the innovations of science and technology in world’s  financial industry, and also took the opportunity to find out about the  latest innovative products and solution offerings from GRGBanking.

Attendees from 41 countries sign their names when visiting GRGBanking headquarter.
Visitors in the brand new experience center of GRGBanking

Attendees experience the innovative VTM solution

GRG’s advanced cash processing technology attracts visitors'eyes

In  the workshop day, speakers worldwide from banknote printing industry,  banking industry and solution providers addressed their speeches around  the theme “Reinvent Banking Services with New Tech”, which covers the  most forefront subjects such as the latest technologies in banknote  security, future of banking services, video banking technology, branch  transformation, etc.

Mr.Jurg  Hofmann, Senior Product Manager of KBA-NotaSys SA, the world leading  company for banknote production equipment, makes his speech about the  features and functionalities of cash through the cash cycle

GRGBanking awards winners in the welcome banquet

The  third day of GCE featured Global Summit 2015. Focusing on the evolution  and innovations in financial and banking industry in the Bank 3.0 era,  the summit attracted important industry associations and guests from 41  countries around world. Chairman of GRG addressed the opening speech.  Speakers include CEO of ATMIA, Secretary General of China Banking  Association and Banking Research Center Director of Central University  of Finance and Economics. Industrial Experts from worldwide discussed  the financial and banking innovations in the panel discussion sectors.  Managing Director of GRGBanking addressed the closing speech. The Summit was covered by more than 20 major media across China.

Mr.Youyong Zhao, Chairman of GRG addresses opening speech

Michael Lee,CEO of ATMIA analyzes the trend of global ATM market and the future of money

Experts worldwide have the dialogue on "Channel innovation of future banking services".

People listen to the speech in Summit
Mark  Yip, Managing Director of GRGBanking, in his closing speech points out  that “Reinvent Banking Services with New Tech” is the key to create a more brilliant future in banking services
GRGBanking  Global Customer Exchange has been successfully held for 10 times. This  annual event has been an important communication platform for the  world’s banking industry