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How to Choose High-quality High Brightness LCD Screens?

2020-12-01 00:00:00  Original:amongo  Click:193

1. Customers are increasingly demanding high-brightness LCD screens

With the development of the technology of LCD screen, customers' demand to the quality of the product are getting higher and higher. So, how to choose a high-quality high brightness LCD screen?

2. How to choose high-quality high brightness LCD screens

(1) Brand of the LCD screen
The value of the product is determined by the brand of it. The temperature resistance of each brand of liquid crystal glass is different, and of course the price will be different.

(2) Backlight uniformity of the LCD screen
The uniformity of the high-gloss screen of general manufacturers is only 55%-65%, and for relatively good manufacturers, it can reach 65%-85%, besides, for best-known manufacturers, it can reach over 90%-95%.

(3) Brightness of the LCD screen
The brightness value is the color cycle value related to the color saturation of the screen and the illuminance of the backlight. Although there is a higher brightness of the high brightness LCD screen, it will not be dazzling at all because it is not equal to the illuminance of the backlight. Therefore, even if we look at a brighter screen, it may not meet our requirements of high-brightness, because it is not the brightness but the illuminance seen by the human eyes. The illuminance will be affected by the environment, the size of the space, etc. while the brightness is measured by instruments. 

(4) Temperature of the LCD screen
This is one of the main parameters for users to choose high-brightness LCD screens. A relatively good high brightness LCD screen produces less heat and uses lower power. The higher the temperature is, the faster the LED backlight fails and the shorter is the service life.

(5) Professional degrees of LCD screen suppliers
The choice of light sources is not the only factors taken into account for a high-quality high brightness LCD screen. When choosing a good high brightness LCD screen, users should also pay attention to professional degrees of the manufacturer.