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How to Distinguish Between Lcd Display and Lcm Module?

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Only when people are engaged in the display industry do they know that there are so many professional terms. If many customers don't know much, it's really hard to distinguish them. There are many names for the display screen, let's take the LCD display screen. What is LCM module, how to distinguish between them?

LCD display is the abbreviation of Liquid Crystal Display.

LCM module is a collection of various devices including LCD, chips and circuit boards that control the display mode and content of LCD display monitors. It can be said that LCD is the front desk for displaying content, and LCM is the entire operating system including the front desk.

Ⅰ. The components of the LCD display screen

1. LCD=Liquid Crystal Display

Mainly refers to: LCD panel, including polarizer, color filter, liquid crystal glass (glass clamp liquid crystal), TFT control unit.

2. LCM=Liquide Crystal Module

Including: LCD panel and the following accessories, mainly backlight modules, including light-enhancing film, light-transmitting film, reflector, diffusion film, bracket, LED lamp (light source), FPC and components.

But in fact, generally speaking, both are regarded as the same meaning.

Ⅱ. The main differences between LCD display screen and LCM module

1. LCM has a font library; LCD basically does not have a font library.

2. LCD generally refers to a separate screen; LCM includes the corresponding drive circuit and control circuit, and can be directly connected to the single-chip microcomputer.

To put it simply, the LCD module is LCD screen + LED backlight board + PCB board + iron frame. The module is mainly divided into screen and backlight components. The two parts are assembled together, but are independent of each other when working (that is, the circuits are not related). The principle of the liquid crystal display is that the backlight assembly emits uniform surface light, and the light is transmitted to our eyes through the liquid crystal display. The function of the screen is to process these lights by pixels to display images.

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