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How to Distinguish Whether an Industrial Display Monitor is an Original Screen or a Refurbished Screen?

2021-11-10 00:00:00  Original:amongo  Click:18

Everyone may be familiar with industrial display monitors. They can be seen everywhere in our work and life. Different from ordinary displays, industrial display monitors pay more attention to functions such as stability, temperature, humidity, dust and water resistance.

Industrial grade monitor has many refurbished and counterfeit products on the market so far. If we use such products, there may be great hidden dangers, which may not be seen so far, but they will slowly be exposed over time. Some questions come, so how do we identify whether the industrial display monitor is original?

Ⅰ. Check the brightness of the screen of the industrial display monitors

Does the image flicker? Generally speaking, if it is an original industrial LCD screen, the brightness will be relatively uniform, and the image will not flicker.

Ⅱ. Check the refresh frequency of the industrial display monitors

The original LCD splicing screen has a 120HZ double frequency refresh rate: DID product’s 120Hz double frequency LCD display technology can effectively solve the smearing and blurring of the image during fast operation, enhance the sharpness and contrast of the image, and make the picture more clear. People's eyes will not be tired even if they watch for a long time.

Ⅲ. Check out the digital engine function of industrial display monitor LCD splicing screen products

The original genuine industrial display monitor products have powerful V12 digital engine function, which can make the images more realistic, stable and bright. The color of the image of the refurbished product is less conspicuous, and the picture displayed on the screen is not stable.

Ⅳ. Check the signal input function of the industrial display monitors

Generally speaking, the original product has three signal input formats: single-channel VGA, composite video, single-channel YPbPr format and other signal format input. If the quality is poor, only one or two can be used.

Ⅴ. Multiple screen display modes of industrial display monitors

The original genuine industrial display monitors provided by multi touch monitor manufacturers have a variety of functions, has a variety of screen combination and splicing modes, and can be expanded to 64 channels of combination splicing, and each unit can be switched and combined arbitrarily. The display mode of counterfeit products is much less.

The above are some of the knowledge points we have compiled for you on how to identify whether industrial display monitors are original. The quality of industrial displays directly affects the performance of the terminal product, so you must choose a professional in use. If you have any needs, please feel free to contatc us.