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In the Construction of Smart Cities, LCD Displays Have Huge Business Opportunities!

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With the construction of smart cities and the increasing popularity of the Internet of things, as an important and indispensable entry point of smart cities, LCD displays are increasingly used in all aspects of smart cities.

The future smart city is not the intelligence of a single node. It is an era of high integration of the Internet of things and the Internet. The compatibility and interworking of LCD display has become the primary consideration for people to choose display terminals.

Ⅰ. There are many advantages of small spacing LCD displays

As the terminal of smart city display, there is still a lot of room for development in the future. At the same time, the small spacing LCD display industry chain has been fully mature, the east wind has risen, the horn has sounded, and the interconnection and perception of all things in the future are not imagination.

At present, user application methods show an increasingly diversified trend. The application of industrial LCD display has gradually penetrated into various fields, and its related technologies are becoming more and more mature. Among them, the advantages of small spacing LCD display are more and more obvious.

Ⅱ. The requirements for small spacing LCD displays are high

In 2017, the small spacing LCD display industry had another "harvest year". The small spacing LCD display industry has changed from steady development to "explosive" growth. Under this situation, the construction of intelligent security protection system has a more urgent demand for small spacing technology. Therefore, the industry competition will be more intense and the market challenge will be greater in 2018.

Smart city has become a new business outlet. It has higher and higher requirements for the maturity, availability and creativity of small spacing LCD products.

In the environment of accelerating the construction of smart city and smart transportation, when diversified and massive complex information replaces single video information as the basis for decision-making, when group decision-making based on sufficient information replaces individual decision-making based on insufficient information, the dispatching, command and control center has become the hub of smart city construction, The demand for visual use of pavement monitoring and related information is extremely urgent. The perfect control room system also brings greater market space for small spacing.

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