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In the Smart City Construction, the LCD Industrial Display is Promising

2021-08-23 00:00:00  Original:amongo  Click:278

The future smart city is not the intelligentization of a single node, it is the era of highly integrated and interoperable Internet of Things and the Internet. This requires a terminal display platform. In all display terminals, LCD industrial displays can display information through the drive IC system. Interconnection can link such carriers together. In this way, a large platform for things and things, things and people, and people to share can be realized, and various integrations can be realized. The compatibility of LCD industrial displays has become the primary consideration when people choose display terminals.

1. The role of LCD industrial monitors in smart cities

As we all know, outdoor environmental weather is complex and unpredictable. Sometimes it is sunny in the east and raining in the west. Wind, rain, thunder and lightning, frost, and snow may appear at any time. In a rainy day with heavy rain, the display terminal is most afraid of short circuits caused by rainwater and electronic devices. On the dusty roadside, the display terminal is afraid of the erosion of dust and loses its gorgeous “makeup”. In the cold and windy winter, the display terminal will also be afraid of the cold and go to hibernation. Many display terminals are helpless when faced with these series of problems.

LCD outdoor liquid crystal displays have unique advantages. It can be cold-proof, waterproof, shock-proof, dust-proof, and has the characteristics of high brightness, impact resistance, splicing, and easy maintenance. These advantages make it stand out among various display terminals and become an inevitable choice for smart city construction.

Smart cities in the future need to have a very precise grasp of the security prevention and control system. Compared with traditional LCD and DLP, LCD industrial monitors can more easily achieve higher display accuracy and better color reproduction. The continuous breakthrough of small pitch has also made LCD industrial displays a qualitative improvement.

The continuous integration of LCD industrial display and big data, AR, VR, 3D and other technologies enables the security prevention and control system to be accurately and effectively recognized and grasped. The continuous maturity of LCD industrial display technology makes it the most rational choice in the construction of display terminals in smart cities.

2. LCD industrial monitors have great prospects in the construction of smart cities

LCD industrial monitor further resolves its embarrassments and deficiencies in the process of building smart cities. Some unqualified engineering companies will also be eliminated in a new round of shuffling.

Urban traffic is a difficult problem that plagues everyone's travel, and this problem is most prominently manifested in the peak period of the flow of people to and from get off work. The construction of smart transportation is an important part of the construction of smart cities.

Smart transportation needs to build a "digital transportation" project, through the collection and processing of numbers, to achieve traffic guidance, which can provide good guidance for people's travel. This requires a lot of LCD outdoor liquid crystal displays, in stations or public places where people can easily obtain information, to provide people with the latest information the first time.