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Is It Expensive to Customize Small Size Lcd Display Screens?

2021-04-08 00:00:00  Original:amongo  Click:39

Intelligentization is everywhere around you. From the previous black and white TVs to landline phones, to the current smart home, the era of display screens is constantly rising, and the customization of LCD display screens has become a new emerging promotion method.

In pursuit of uniqueness, people have pushed personalized customization into the fashion trend. However, the price of customized small-size LCD screens varies, and the quality is uneven. How do you know the accurate price of customized small-size LCD screens? Is the price of a small custom LCD screen expensive? Amongo will tell you below.

1. Personalized custom LCD screens

Many buyers will find that when customizing LCD screens, many custom LCD screen manufacturers will not quote immediately. Why? In fact, it is very simple. The so-called personalized display customization is to make a quotation according to the needs of customers, and the needs of each customer are different. What we provide is a service, not a standard product. Such a service is solved according to the needs of customers.

2. Factors affecting the price of custom LCD screens

There are also many factors that determine the customized price of a display, such as quantity, material, industry-specific standards and waterproof requirements. A little change in each requirement may affect the cost of custom LCD display.

Amongo Display Technology(Shenzhen) Co.Ltd produces custom LCD screens. The factory introduces the latest production equipment. It has standard products + customized products sales, key models standing inventory, flexible production, and small-volume production. Therefore, it must be used. Choose a professional, small-size display manufacturer which is more professional, Amongo deserves it. If you want to order a small-size LCD display, welcome to consult.