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LCD Display Screen Promotes New Experience of Smart City

2022-09-15 00:00:00  Original:amongo  Click:282

1. LCD liquid crystal display escorts the smart city

In the future, the LCD screen will become a unique skynet under the action of the Internet, which is the future high security city. You no longer worry about the safety of traveling at night, the LCD screen is always escorting your safety.

Smart public services are another aspect of urban construction. Build a smart public service and city management system. By strengthening the construction of professional application systems such as employment, medical care, culture, and housing, and by improving the standardization, precision, and intelligence of urban construction and management, it will effectively promote the sharing of urban public resources across the city. This requires the establishment of a public sharing platform.

In the future, when we are sick, we only need to register and make an appointment with a doctor on a public sharing platform and obtain medical resources in the first time. We do not need to waste too much unnecessary time queuing for appointment registration. In terms of living resources, we can also enter the sharing platform to guide the shopping of the items we need the most and get the latest shopping information. If we are too busy, we only need to enter the LCD display platform to enter the mall and choose from a wide variety of products. LCD liquid crystal display allows us to experience high-intelligence human-computer interaction, and you can choose your favorite shopping malls, commodities, Internet of Things, and the integration of the Internet. As a professional industrial lcd monitor manufacturer, we have various types of LCD screens for sale. If you take interest in china touch screen pc, do contact us for more information.

2. Smart cities foster new growth in LCD display screens

The formulation and introduction of a new economic policy will have a profound impact on various industries. The implementation of smart cities will also extend new economic markets for LCD display screen companies.

The "Super Smart City" management consulting report released in March 2018 shows that there are currently more than 1,000 smart cities that have been launched or are under construction in the world. Several large smart city clusters have been established.

For LCD display screen companies, this new economic growth point will also be a big and very attractive cake.

LCD liquid crystal display screens are dancing under the smart city. China's LCD liquid crystal display screen enterprises should be based on the construction of smart cities, continue to deepen the development of the market, and actively plan for the layout.