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LCD Screen Helps Create a Scientific and Reasonable "smart City"

2022-01-04 00:00:00  Original:amongo  Click:99

Smart city includes smart public services, smart city complex, smart government, urban integrated management and operation platform, smart transportation and other application projects. Among these projects, the LCD display screen industry has played a great role in the construction of "smart city", and various LCD products have also effectively promoted the construction of "smart city".

Ⅰ. LCD display screen promotes the process of smart city

All along, "urban security construction" has been an important part of the construction of "smart city" and the top priority of many local work, and reliable security monitoring system solutions are an indispensable part of the construction of smart city.

The intelligent management system of "digitization, modularization and centralized management" built with small spacing LCD display screen as the core realizes a series of requirements such as "system integration, real-time data display, networking and intelligent maintenance and management", which will effectively promote the construction of "smart city".

In fact, in recent years, with the prosperity of small spacing LCD display screens, security, government affairs, transportation and so on, more and more relevant government departments and units have purchased such indoor LCD screens and systems as display systems for command and operation platforms.

Ⅱ. Collaborative development of LCD display screen and smart ecosystem

At present, in the construction of smart city, LCD mainly appears in the market in the form of display screen, but it has slowly begun to change in product control, function and operation mode.

1. In terms of product functions, LCD display screen has changed the previous functions that only display and exist in isolation, but an intelligent terminal integrating environmental perception, intelligent identification, interaction, communication and other functions. Its application scope also breaks through the original attachment to walls and advertising columns, and is widely installed in pedestrian streets, squares, communities, scenic spots, commercial streets, gas stations, bus stations High speed service area, toll station and other public places.

2. In terms of enterprise business model construction, in the era of intelligence, in addition to the original display functions, the products also have the functions of communication, perception, interaction, identification and monitoring, forming a variety of different big data. LCD smart city terminal can shine in public fields such as traffic control, meteorological monitoring, personnel dredging and public security.

LCD enterprises have also developed with the trend. Focusing on how to re layout the smart and IOT in terms of enterprise brand, products and market, they have launched new products combining LCD and smart ecosystem, which provides new kinetic energy for LCD display screen industry.