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One Way to Teach You How to Distinguish the Resistive Screen and Capacitive Screen of Industrial Panel PC

2021-02-15 00:00:00  Original:amongo  Click:42

Ⅰ. The resistive screens and capacitive screens of industrial panel PC

As we all know, the emergence of resistive screens was once a smash hit, and it became the standard configuration of many touch products at one time. However, with the emergence of capacitive screens, the market competitiveness of resistive screens has gradually been diminished, but in the field of industrial panel PC, resistive screens and capacitive screens are still the top two type of touch screens being used. But how can we quickly identify which type of screen the panel PC we have on hand is? Let us talk about this together.

Ⅱ. How to distinguish the resistive screen and capacitive screen of industrial panel PC?

1. Distinguish them in terms of technology: The application of the capacitive screen technology is later than that of the resistive screen. Compared with resistive screen, the technology is higher-end, and the price of it will naturally be more expensive. We often find that configuration of the industrial panel PC is the same, but there is difference in their prices, from several hundreds to even a thousand, part of the reason is the difference in the screen.

2. Distinguish them from the way of operation: The resistive screen adopts a way of pressure-sensitive operation, which can be operated with fingers, fingernails, stylus, etc., while capacitor screens are located using the current generated by the contact between the power and the screen. It can only be operated with fingers and any non-biological devices, such as nails and pens cannot operate it.

3. Distinguish them from the hardness of screen surfaces: Bending induction are needed by the surface of the resistive screens, so the hardness of the screen is relatively low. It is prone to be scratched during the process of usage. Therefore, the resistive screen of the industrial panel PC generally needs to be protected by film. The outermost layer of the capacitive screen is a glass lining, which is smooth and hard and it is uneasy to scratch. It can be used without film, and the display effect will not be affected by strong light.

4. Distinguish them from response speed: The response speed of the industrial panel PC equipped with resistive screen is much slower than that of the capacitive screen. Users who have once played games will be deeply touched. In the process of quickly sliding the screen, invalid operations often occur. This type of tablet computer is generally equipped with resistive screens.