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Scenario Solutions for Industrial Medical Panel PC Technology Used in Hospitals

2021-01-22 00:00:00  Original:amongo  Click:210

With the technological development of wireless network and identification, information of the identity of patients, medicines and blood bags have gradually realized the result of digitization. Nowadays, every step in the execution of medical orders can be checked and confirmed by the computer system in real time, which has played a huge role in ensuring the safety of patients. It effectively improves medical quality and reduces the ratio of medical accidents. The increasingly serious problem of doctors and patients has led to the sharing of medical resources. Both mobile medical and remote online medical services are developing rapidly, which urgently changes the rapid changes in modern medical technology. Today, the medical industrial panel PC have played a great role in telemedicine and mobile medical services.

1. Mobile care with industrial panel PC

A patient needs to go through three steps from seeing a doctor to getting treatment:

(1) After the doctor examines the patient and obtains a preliminary diagnosis, he will issue a medical order;

(2) The nurse transfers the doctor's order to the infusion or treatment card and prepares to execute it;

(3) The nurse implements the treatment plan. Each step of these three links is crucial. Due to the limitations of technology and objective conditions, the various measures adopted by hospitals have not been able to effectively reduce the occurrence of medical accidents for a long time. With medical industrial panel PC, this problem has been greatly alleviated.

2. Mobile rounds with industrial panel PC

In the process of rounds, doctors often need to retrieve the patient's electronic medical record, and give medical advice at any time according to the patient's specific condition at that time. The application of wireless network enables doctors to inquire about patient-related information at any time through portable mobile smart terminals, such as panel PCs and PDAs. Eliminating the trouble of always holding a large pile of case records in the past, the condition can be more accurate, the medical history of patients can be timely and comprehensively understood in the process of treatment. Doctors' work of rounds have become simple and easy while patients can also receive a kind of timely and accurate treatment.

3. Mobile triage

Doctors can register and transmit the information of the number of patients received or waiting through the equipped industrial panel PC or PDA to the computer of the triage staff at the front desk, so that the triage staff can understand the current reception status of each outpatient doctor and allocate resources in time.