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Small-Pitch LCD : The Efficient Driving Force of Smart Cities !

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The promotion of smart cities has put forward higher requirements for security LCD display monitors

With the vigorous promotion of smart city construction by the country, the security industry, as an important tool for maintaining public safety order in smart city construction, has ushered in great development opportunities. The construction of intelligent communities, intelligent transportation, intelligent medical care, intelligent homes, intelligent services, and other fields cannot be separated from security systems. At the same time, the promotion of smart cities has put forward higher requirements for security monitoring, command and dispatch, and other projects, accelerating the rapid update and upgrade of security products.

As an important display terminal in security monitoring and dispatching systems, traditional security display equipment represented mainly by LCD/DLP splicing screens can no longer meet the needs of digital cities and smart city development.

  • Under the promotion of the Internet of Things, the monitoring content of smart cities has developed from being primarily video signals to detection signals, data signals, network signals, GPS maps, and analysis charts. The display of this information is presented in the form of color, dots, lines, and charts, and the existing display method of seams can no longer meet the requirements.

  • The rapid switching of large-area display screens and the real-time updating of information require faster response speeds of the display screen, with nano-level response times having the advantage.

  • Smart cities have developed from post-event analysis to the combination of pre-event preparations, mid-event processing, and post-event analysis. LCD display screen systems are closely integrated with business systems, and the display system can seamlessly connect and process a variety of types of massive information.

Small pitch LCD display screens have become a new favorite of security, driving the efficient operation of various business areas in smart cities

With the continuous maturation of small pitch liquid crystal display screens, small pitch LCD display screens have rapidly been applied to the security monitoring fields of public security systems, transportation systems, energy systems, financial systems, enterprises, and other areas, accelerating the informationization construction and business efficiency improvement of smart cities.

Small pitch LCD display screens have many leading advantages when applied in the security field

  • As the point spacing decreases, the resolution of small pitch display screens has become closer to that of LCD screens. Ultra-high resolution ensures that displayed information is clearer and more delicate.

  • Small pitch LCD display screens have no seams and can achieve infinite splicing ability, massive signal access and processing capabilities, and display screen compliance with mainstream standard resolution capabilities. However, currently, only a few companies in the industry have achieved these specifications from an application perspective.

  • The advantages of ultra-thin body, energy-saving, environmental protection, ultra-quiet, low radiation, and long lifespan are in line with the requirements of the new economy of low-carbon, economy, and convenience, and further enhance the applicability of small pitch LCD display screens in the security field.