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Smart City LCD Display: LCD Advertising Screen

2021-06-01 00:00:00  Original:amongo  Click:203

Nowadays, the application of various smart city terminals is becoming more and more common, and the LCD smart city terminals formed by the combination of the industrial LCD display industry and the smart city ecology are gradually being widely used.

Industrial LCD display smart city terminals mainly appear in the market in the form of display screens, but they have slowly begun to change in terms of product control, functions, and operating modes.

1. Industrial LCD display in product function

In the past, industrial LCD monitors only had the function of displaying and existed in isolation. Instead, they are smart terminals that integrate environmental perception, intelligent identification interaction, communication and other functions. The scope of application has also broken through the original attachment to walls, advertising pillars, etc., and a wide range of Installed in public places such as pedestrian streets, squares, communities, scenic spots, commercial streets, gas stations, bus stations, high-speed service areas, toll stations, etc.

2. Industrial LCD display in the construction of enterprise business model

In the era of intelligence, in addition to the original display functions, industrial LCD displays also have communication, perception, interaction, identification and monitoring functions, forming a variety of different big data, smart city terminal LCD screens can be used in traffic control, weather monitoring, personnel guidance, public security and other public areas shine brightly.

Nowadays, many companies with insights have been keenly aware of the advent of new business formats in the industry. They have adjusted their development strategies accordingly. They have re-arranged their brands, products, markets and other aspects around how to re-layout with intelligence and interconnection, and launched the industry The new product combining LCD display and smart ecosystem has also provided new kinetic energy and new vitality to the industrial LCD display industry entering the bottleneck period.

Since industrial LCD displays are currently widely used in the construction of smart cities, they have become LCD liquid crystal display smart city terminals. Looking at the LCD smart city terminals currently on the market, the product functional positioning is relatively consistent, there are differences in specific functions, and the overall system construction is even more different.

3. LCD display applications in the industrial field

Many companies have also sorted out and positioned their intelligence. From their original main business, LCD screens have gradually shifted to LCD smart city terminals, LCD smart displays, and build communication and interactive sensing devices in the smart city ecosystem. And other companies cooperate to establish their own competitive advantages in the ecosystem.

The combination of the industrial LCD display industry and the construction of smart cities, cutting into the tide of smart city construction with the product form of LCD smart city terminals, has become an important direction for industry enterprises' cross-border innovation and corporate brand repositioning, and the market has just been on a large scale. On the eve of the outbreak, this all promoted the rise of LCD smart city terminals.

Nowadays, with the maturity of the Internet and the development of the business economy, the rapid development of smart devices is widely used in our lives, and many of them have also entered our lives. Driven by projects such as smart city construction, the development of smart security, smart hotels, smart elderly care, smart medical and other industries will also drive the development of smart industrial LCD displays.