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Smart City Opens a New Chapter in LCD Display Applications

2021-05-27 00:00:00  Original:amongo  Click:49

Smart city is the use of information and communication technology to sense, analyze, and integrate various key information of the core system of urban operation, so as to intelligently respond to various needs including people's livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, urban services, and industrial and commercial activities. In fact, it is the use of advanced information technology to realize the intelligent management and operation of the city, thereby creating a better life for the people in the city, and promoting the harmonious and sustainable growth of the city.

1. Large room for development of LCD display screens

With the full spread of the smart city, applications such as smart transportation, smart security, smart energy, smart medical care, smart education, and smart government affairs will fully cover the city, which also provides a huge opportunity for the expansion of the LCD display product application market. 

Based on this, several industrial monitor manufacturers are visited, and they all identified their own business opportunities in the construction of "smart cities" and have plans to deal with the "smart cities".

2. The advantages of using industrial LCD displays

In smart cities, a large number of outdoor window-type kiosks, industrial LCD displays will be replaced by small LCD pitches, because LCD displays have long life, energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection, adjustable brightness, strong UV resistance, etc, and they are waterproof and dustproof.

A powerful integrated management platform can realize: real-time updates of remote advertisements, paperless media, implementation and release of road traffic in the public transport system, and vehicle departure, arrival, and fault information;

Realize in the public safety system: rapid emergency response, timely evacuation of people, and maintenance of social stability.

Secondly, there is also a huge potential market in the fields of indoor security monitoring, command and dispatch, and high-end conference rooms. Traditional display technologies such as LCD, DLP, and projection fusion have different degrees of joints, which are easily affected by ambient light, low brightness and color, inconsistent brightness, high power consumption, low lifespan and many other drawbacks. The small-pitch industrial LCD display has many advantages such as seamless, low brightness and high gray, high refresh rate, full silence, and automatic brightness adaptation to the environment. It can not only meet the display needs of high-end industry applications, but also meet the highly integrated, intelligent development trend of digital society.

3. The big market for industrial LCD displays

Facing the business opportunities brought by the construction of "smart city" to LCD liquid crystal display companies, we believe that conventional industrial LCD displays can no longer meet the development of "smart city" construction, but to develop some new products on the basis of the original LCD display.  Including the functions of high-definition, highlighting, monitoring, temperature, humidity, Wifi, voice, video, and intercom, the market for industrial LCD displays is huge.