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The Era of Kiosk Monitors is Coming Faster

2020-06-24 10:00:00  Original:amongo  Click:298

Nowadays, the kiosk monitors show the special value in many fields, such as medical treatment, education, politics, law and urban construction, especially in the fields of people's livelihood, such as medical treatment and education. Kiosk monitors in these areas continue to tackle problems, not only to achieve the development of social undertakings, but also to save a lot of resources needed for social services in the future, and promote the rapid progress of social undertakings in China. So kiosk monitors are very important.

For the integration of kiosk monitors and infrastructure, many enterprises have launched active practical exploration and technological breakthrough. Based on the international advanced intelligent voice and kiosk monitors technology, Amongo shows that it will build intelligent medical services, school education and urban decision-making. Combined with big data and Internet of things, kiosk monitors realize the integration of efficient resources across regions and fields, and promote the "intelligence" and "palmization" of various undertakings. As the intersection of technology and application, the kiosk monitors open platform empowers all participants in social life, and together with the rapid breakthrough of typical application occasions, forms a benign interaction between data and application occasions, and finally realizes leap-forward development in medical, education and other industries. Under the new trend of high efficiency and high energy in the whole society, the kiosk monitors will certainly give the high-tech wings for the daily life of people and install an accelerator for the social development.

Nowadays, with the promotion of all sectors of society, the kiosk monitors have completed the initial integration with the infrastructure construction and played a positive role in the construction of people's livelihood. At the same time, the kiosk monitors have entered the typical application stage from the concept stage, and the promotion of infrastructure construction will greatly speed up the implementation of kiosk monitors, and help society make progress and upgrade. As an enterprise, we hope that with the support and unified deployment of the state, the kiosk monitors can truly take root as a national strategy, accelerate the establishment of the kiosk mnitors as the key investment direction of new infrastructure construction, strengthen the industry implementation at the same time, and promote the in-depth integration of the open platform, industry big data center and typical application occasions of the kiosk monitors.

We have reasons to believe that the rooting and burgeoning of kiosk monitors strategy will further promote social development and make life more intelligent and convenient.