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The Growing Number of Fine-pitch LCD Displays is Boosting Competition in the High-end Display Market

2022-01-11 00:00:00  Original:amongo  Click:132

Today, with the strong promotion of many enterprises in the industry, small spacing LCD display products are indeed entering more and more application markets and become an important driving force for the performance improvement of LCD display enterprises. The rapidly expanding application market needs the support of a large number of industrial application projects.

1. What are the main applications of small-spacing LCD displays now?

At present, high-end exhibitions, smart cities, and program broadcasting have become the leading forces for the growth of the small-spacing LCD application market, and have an overwhelming advantage.

Based on market promotion, the three are undoubtedly typical representatives of high-end display applications, which is highly consistent with the industry development theory of high-end LCD display applications with small spacing.

The reason why it will focus on the high-end application market is determined by the characteristics of the small spacing LCD industry itself. With the support of manufacturers, although small spacing LCD displays have risen rapidly, their market awareness has been continuously improved.

However, the application cost is still high. Specifically, in the market promotion, this is a hard injury. Especially when there are LCD splicing products that can well meet the application needs, small spacing LCD display screen will not be the first choice for industry users who pay attention to cost performance. In the high-end application market, the application effect of industry users is the primary concern, It will choose products more freely, so as to provide sufficient development space for small spacing LCD with prominent characteristics.

2. Will small pitch LCD displays be limited to high-end market applications?

The answer is, of course, No. Because in any industry, with the maturity of technology and the continuous increase of the number of enterprises, it will have a scale effect, resulting in the continuous reduction of costs. The small spacing LCD industry is no exception.

Among the components of small spacing LCD displays, the cost of lamp beads accounts for 60% to 80%. As long as the cost of lamp beads is reduced due to scale effect, the cost of small spacing LCD displays will be reduced.

However, it will take some time for the small spacing LCD display to be lowered to the range acceptable to the mass market, and the length of this time is jointly determined by many factors such as the level of technological development, market promotion and manufacturer pattern, that is, it is unrealistic to achieve the balance of technology, cost and application cognition in one move.

It can be predicted that at least in the second half of 2015, the high-end application market will still be the main breakthrough for small spacing LCD to expand the traditional large screen application market.