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The LCD panel which China mainland brand will be meet the opportunity of development

2014-07-17 08:56:00  Original:amongo  Click:596
As "the information society of the milk and bread", the LCD panel in the modern society have been widely applied in intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer intelligent TV, etc.. In the past, while domestic demand is huge, the LCD panel Market in China is being occupied by foreign capital, but from the beginning of last year, the situation quietly changed. 

Champoux consulting electronic industry analyst pointed out: in recent years, the rise of China's LCD panel investment boom. In order to protect and develop the domestic LCD panel industry, the state also constantly adjust the import tax rate, and in January this year, the six monopoly foreign ticket. The environment for the development of the domestic LCD panel industry is good, is expected to occupy a space for one person in the LCD panel market. In recent years, China's LCD panel, almost entirely dependent on imports from South Korea, Japan and China's Taiwan region, even in 2012, imports is still as high as $50300000000, second only to the integrated circuit, oil and iron ore. Because of the monopoly advantage, foreign enterprises abuse of dominant market position to charge higher prices, the Chinese electronic products manufacturing enterprise "began". 

However, in recent years, China has been the rise of a liquid crystal panel investment boom, the current total investment (including built, under construction and planning) has exceeded 300000000000 yuan. In order to protect and develop the domestic LCD panel industry, our country since April 1, 2012, the import of the size of 32 inches and above the liquid crystal display panel rate from 3% adjusted to 5%, curb imports, support domestic enterprises LCD panel. While the foreign LCD panel production enterprises to manipulate the market price in the mainland of China, the national development and Reform Commission issued tickets, for Samsung, LG, punished acts of price monopoly area of our country Taiwan CMO, AUO, Chunghwa picture tubes and HannStar LCD panel of six large international enterprises from 2001 to 2006, according to law shall be ordered to the enterprise returned to the domestic color TV enterprises to pay the price of 172000000 yuan, the confiscation of 36750000 yuan, a fine of 144000000 yuan. To further purify the market environment, but also conducive to the development of the domestic LCD panel production enterprises. 

The current color TV manufacturing industry, mobile phone manufacturing industry, PC industry, which is the three largest LCD panel consumption industry. Rate of less than 1/3 in the domestic LCD panel under the actual self-sufficiency, domestic LCD panel industry developing space. Along with the gradually release over capacity, China has become the world's third largest LCD panel production base, accounting for 9.9% of the global market share last year, is expected in 2013 will rise to 13.2%. 

According to the general advice is still published "2013-2017 year Chinese LCD panel Market Analysis and investment value study report" shows: Although the domestic LCD panel industry ushered in the development of a good time, but also faces challenges. The current global economic contraction, the international market demand for LCD panels and cannot be sustained; compared with Japan and South Korea, China's LCD panel manufacturing enterprises should be improved in technology research and development, cost competition and profit etc.. Seize the rare opportunity of domestic LCD panel industry, vigorously develop the technology, increase the added value, to remain invincible in the competition in the future.