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The Role of Urban Smart Light Poles in Smart Waterlogging Prevention

2021-08-16 00:00:00  Original:amongo  Click:53

In recent years, heavy rainfall has often caused large amounts of water in low-lying roads, underpasses and tunnels, which has brought great inconvenience to people's travel. In severe cases, it may even endanger people's lives and cause heavy losses to property.

Ⅰ. The application of the LCD industrial monitor in smart cities

With the rapid development of Internet of Things technology and 5G, smart light poles are widely distributed and integrate many functions such as lighting control, environmental monitoring, 5G micro base stations, and weather monitoring, and they have suddenly become urban data transmission hubs.

Therefore, with the help of the powerful functions of smart light poles, the whole process of monitoring rainwater and sewage in urban areas can be realized. The water conservancy department can use this system to grasp the waterlogging situation of the whole city as a whole, and carry out drainage scheduling in time. In addition, relevant departments can use the LCD industrial monitor of the smart light pole to realize a series of functions such as warning information display, video monitoring, and sound column alarming to remind pedestrians to pay attention to safety.

Ⅱ. LCD display monitors help urban smart light poles

In the process of promoting the development of smart cities, smart light poles have a series of functions, including access to lighting, water level monitoring, early warning broadcast, emergency alarm, LCD display monitors, rainfall monitoring, manhole cover monitoring, safety monitoring, wireless coverage, and information release , Environmental weather monitoring, municipal facility monitoring, charging piles and other information collection, remote monitoring of power supply of sensor equipment, energy consumption monitoring, etc. It is of great help to the construction of urban smart light poles:

1. Automatic adjustment of lighting facilities, automatic adjustment of brightness according to preset data such as environment, illumination, flow of people, traffic, time of day, etc. This can reduce the trouble of long-time highlighting and manual adjustment.

2. The broadcast system of the smart light pole can play music, play notifications, and be used for paging and inserting emergency broadcasts for disastrous accidents, voice reminders, etc. At the same time, the LCD industrial display can also display relevant weather, flood, and convenience information in real time. With the development of the LCD industrial monitor, more and more industrial monitor suppliers are emerging.

3. Through the construction of video surveillance and stagnant water remote monitoring system, the impact of rain and sewage discharge on the city is intelligently analyzed to realize the monitoring of the urban waterlogging warning system and avoid passive emergency as much as possible.

4. It can perform functional display for urban street lighting facilities, monitoring facilities, cameras, IP sound columns, LCD industrial displays and other data, automatic inspection, abnormal data directly report to the accurate location, and display on the platform.

5. The real-time monitoring function of the manhole cover can effectively detect the moving track of the manhole cover, and avoid being stolen or washed away by waterlogging.

6. If the manhole cover is displaced or the water level is too high, use the LCD industrial display and IP sound column and alarm facilities to remind you in front to prevent vehicles and pedestrians from entering the area by mistake.

At the same time, certain information technology can also be used to realize online monitoring and remote control of underground waterways, in which scenarios such as sewage wells, municipal pipe networks, and drainage terminals can be applied. To a certain extent, this can prevent many beautiful cities from becoming water cities due to poor underground drainage.

Therefore, when cities gradually become smarter, many urban problems that could not be solved or avoided before can be solved or avoided well in advance.