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What are the Four Major Trends in Industrial Panel Computing?

2020-09-27 00:00:00  Original:amongo  Click:325

1. Industrial Panel PCs are widely used

Industrial panel computers are widely used in industries such as factory automation, equipment automation, medical care, retail, and transportation. What changes will happen to industrial panel computers in the future? What is the development trend?

2. The four major development trends of industrial flat panels

1) More beautiful, thinner, and more practical

First of all, in appearance, lighter, thinner, more beautiful, and more practical will become the development trend of future industrial tablet computers. For example, in terms of more beautiful appearance, with the widespread application of industrial tablet computers in retail and other fields, customers also add the color matching of the body and the occasion to the purchase conditions, so manufacturers have added humanized appearance colors and the pure flat LCD screen greatly enhances the appearance of industrial tablet computers. And the thinner and lighter appearance design saves space and is convenient for maintenance.

2) Intelligent and humane

In terms of performance, the continuous upgrading of processing platforms also drives the continuous improvement of the computing speed and graphics processing speed of industrial tablet computers. With the advancement of the industry, endless innovative applications are also testing the scalability of industrial tablet computers. Rich interfaces and excellent expansion are some of the necessary magic weapons for future industrial tablet computers. When standard products cannot meet the needs of users, customized services come into being, saving users the time and cost of system configuration.

3) Curved display and 4K resolution

The continuous innovation of display technology is undoubtedly driving the forward development of industrial tablet computers. In the future, cutting-edge technology in the field of display technology will surely be applied to industrial panel computers.

From the perspective of the trajectory of technological development, curved surfaces are the general trend. The advantages of curved displays are as follows. One is an immersive experience. The slightly curved screen can provide a better surround look and feel and provide users with a deeper viewing experience; the other is a wider viewing angle and a flat display of the same size. The curved screen feels bigger and has a wider field of vision.

4K resolution is a 4096*2160 pixel resolution, which is an ultra-high-definition resolution. At this resolution, users can see every detail and every close-up in the picture.

4) Make everything simpler

Simple installation method, simple on-site maintenance, simple remote management, and technical support. Make everything simpler, save more manpower, space, and cost for users, and ensure the interests of users. This is undoubtedly what the industrial panel computer manufacturers are pursuing, and fundamentally continue to promote the development and advancement of industrial panel computers.